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The Flam Railway (sightseeing train)-one way-Myrdal-then train to Oslo


I will be traveling at the end of August. We want to take The Flam Railway (sightseeing train) from Flam to Myrdal and then catch a train from Myrdal and ending in Oslo. Is the Flam Railway ticket a separate ticket? I see that I can buy tickets for this train but not the other train to Oslo. Looks like they don’t start selling the ticket to Oslo until 90-120 days out. Would I buy the earliest train ticket to Myrdal and hope to catch a connecting train when the other tickets are released. I hope this make sense.

I appreciate any info you can give me. Thank you!

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Check schedules that are already available to see how the timing works. I seem to recall those trains link up fairly closely with schedules, but that was 10 years ago and I can't recall for sure.

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I'd suggest buying Flåm-Oslo on one ticket. Neither of the trains availble for sale in August yet.

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There's a place to get something simple (like sandwiches, etc.) to eat right at the Myrdal station--in case you have enough of a wait there. Prices were very reasonable by Norwegian standards and quality was fine.

Buying the train ticket as soon as they are released is likely to save a fair bit of money; the Myrdal-Oslo fare varies, I think.