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Sykkylven / Alesund

I have an opportunity for a home exchange near Sykkylven, Norway this summer and am wondering if there is enough to do in the area to fill 2 - 3 weeks? We love to hike so that's a slam dunk but we don't know much about this area besides the fact that it's close to fjords and to Alesund.
I also hear that Norway is quite expensive. We spent 3 weeks in Switzerland a couple of years ago and I wonder how it compares? More expensive, the same, less?
I would love to hear the opinions of those who have been to the area - thanks so much!

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I also hear that Norway is quite expensive.

Yes. But it's worth it.

Norway is a very first world economy and treats average citzrns and noncitizens well. This translates into expensive living relative to North America and most of Europe. But then try and vacation cheap in San Fran or NYC.

If you are doing a home exchange, presumably the lodging component is taken care of. If you want adult beverages, do what the Norwegians do. Stock up on duty free alcohol on arriving before exiting the nothing to declare at the airport or taking an overnight international ferry.

Self catering and shopping at the nearby Coop can ease your food budget.

I haven't been to the west coast area other than Bergan, but there is much to do in outdoors Norway.

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About 10 years ago I met a Swedish woman while coming in to Chicago from O'Hare. She said that when she took her family to Norway, they had to be very careful because of the higher prices. They filled up the tank in Sweden and tried to make it last the whole trip, to avoid the higher Norwegian gas prices. They brought a cooler full of food so they wouldn't have to buy food in Norway. They brought camping gear since even hostels were too expensive for them. At this point I asked, is Norway really that much more expensive than Sweden (not a country known for its low prices)? She said absolutely. Then I asked, is it really worth all that trouble? She said absolutely - Norway was far more beautiful than Sweden.

So there you have at least one person's opinion. I was in Norway in 2003 and Switzerland in 2014, so I can't really compare them directly. Both are definitely more expensive than New York City (where I live) for many items, although there are variations. For instance, alcohol in Norway is really expensive because of high taxes (similar, actually, to cigarettes in NYC).

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I would definitely say go for it! The area is right smack in the middle of the most scenic fjords in Norway. The nearby Geiranger fjord is one of the highligts of Norway and there is much more to do than just checking out the view from a cruise ship. Hiking up to the top of one of the peaks overlooking the fjord is one of the most amazing things i have ever done and kayaking the fjord in the morning was up there as well. If you have acces to a car you can do many day trips from there as well.
Yes Norway is exspensive, in Denmark we joke about the norwegian supermakets selling half cucumbers because they are so exspensive. However if you have the opportunity to self cater from the local supermarket you can keep your costs lower. Alcohol will be the most exspensive and gas is a lot more exspensive than you are used to, but not really much more than other European countries.

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Morten thank you! You have confirmed what I thought...the area sounds amazing and just what we need to decompress from work and our hectic life.
Alright! We just confirmed the home exchange this morning and will spend 3 weeks near Alesund. We are incredibly excited!