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Successfully booked online NSB for Norway in a Nutshell with PayPal

I just wanted to share a success with online booking with NSB.
Last week I was able to book NSB after much angst. First I tried using my Visa, but no luck. I called my bank and no, my CC was not blocked by my bank, yes, I had Visa Verified. I called NSB & they said try tomorrow. I used Internet Explorer then switched to Chrome. I also noticed NB site advises they take PayPal. I updated my CC (as other had lapsed) and tried my PayPal with Visa on Chrome and on Internet Explorer. No luck. Finally I did an online chat and the NB online chat person went through all the issues I noted above and as a last sentence before we were through she said try Firefox. I did. I was successful! Wow! Such relief and at any point would have been easy to just throw up my hands and give up. Persistence paid off! I have now, but for the bus tickets as all say buy on the bus, booked and paid for two self booked Norway in a Nutshell tours for my husband and myself for 5/24/17.
We are traveling from Oslo following NIN leaving at 6:25 am, using the fast ferry and arriving in Bergen about 7 pm. We stay over in Bergen for 3 nights. I'll do a trip report upon our return. I would not have had the nerve or the knowledge to book without the insight and advice from this forum. Thanks! Sonja

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I also was successful using NSB to book some aspects of the NIN using PayPal! So I now have the Oslo to Myrdal to Flam trains all set. The NORLED express boat was not an issue for some reason

I was using the Safari browser and note that PayPal is an option when selecting which payment credit card to use.