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Stegastein viewpoint bus tour

I'll be visiting Flam in mid June 2017. i have some queries in regards to the Stegastein viewpoint tour:

'1. From what I understand, the Stegastein Viewpoint is located on the Aurlandsfjellet's snow road but would we pass the snow road as shown in the picture in this link below where the roads are completely sidewalled by snow?

'2. If we do, and we are in the Stegastein's bus tour, would the bus do any photostop along the snow road that is sidewalled by the snow?

'3. If the bus tour does not pass that part of the snowy-walled road, which part in particular of the Aurlandsfjellet's route would that be as we might rent a car instead taking the bus tour? I think the bus tour is pretty expensive covering only a quarter of the National route as well but I'm also not sure what else to be seen along the route aside from the snowy-walled road.

'4. Also I'd like to verify the bus tour fare as it's pretty confusing on the website. is it NOK 290 or NOK 580 per person for Flam-Flam trip?

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