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Stavanger to Bergen in 3 Days!


I'm flying into Stavanger with my parents in a couple of weeks. We plan to explore Stavanger and overnight, then head out by rental car the next day driving to Bergen, overnight in Bergen and fly out third day by 6 PM. My question is, is it worth it to go the straight shot via the ferries or alternatively up through Voss? I understand Voss route would be visually more beautiful but I'm traveling with parents that don't particularly like to be in the car for long periods of time. Estimates via google maps show routing through Voss to Bergen puts it about 7 hours, which is a lot of driving! Or Stavanger to Bergen via land/ferry is just over 5 hours. I'm worried we might get side tracked stopping and looking at sights and then not make it until super late to Bergen. I could also plan for us to stay somewhere gorgeous (any thoughts on where?) on route through Voss, leaving a few hours the next day to Bergen and enough time to explore Bergen.

Ugh, I'm so undecided! I would GREATLY appreciate some guidance on routing and perhaps a couple sites worth seeing along the two optional routes? Please help! Thank you! :)


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