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southern fjords or lofoten islands

My wife and I are planning a cruise to Norway in July 2021 with P&O cruises. There arwe two options we like; both being 12 night cruises.

The first is all over southern fjords with 8 port stops and 6 days of scenic cruising - Vacations To Go Fast Deal #10346. The second option uses two sea days and two port days to see the Lofoten Islands and Tromso - Vacations To Go Fast Deal #10256.

Any of you have comments on Lofoten Isalnds and Tromso. Probably great to see, but I don't like to use up four day up and back.

Thinking the southern fjords and scenic cruising, plus 8 port stops like Hellseyet and Geiranger are the better cruise option. But, appreciate any comments. Thank you.


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Ted, the website is refusing to show me information on those deals unless I register. It would probably make it easier for other responders if you list the ports for each cruise.

I'm currently researching Scandinavia for a trip I hope to take next year, so I'm unlikely to be able to assist you, but I know we have quite a number of people who've cruised the west coast of Norway. The devil is in the details: Will you have enough time in the various ports to get to the things you most want to see?

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Hi Ted, we’ve cruised Norway twice with Viking (July 2018 and February 2019), beautiful country. We had a great fishing excursion in Lofoten and went dog sledding in Tromso. Both were memorable port stops. Geiranger was nice but socked in with fog. We did a RIB boat excursion there. Please post your itinerary. Hope you have a great trip!

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We cruised from Bergen to Kirkenes with Hurtigruten, and saw all of them. We liked that it is not a traditional cruise , only 10% from US, terrific food. We enjoyed Tromso a lot too.

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Any of you have comments on Lofoten Isalnds and Tromso. Probably great
to see, but I don't like to use up four day up and back.

Both Lofoten and Tromsö are certainly nice to see, but in my opinion not worth spending a day at sea to get there and another day to get back. There are far better ways to get there if you want to see northern Norway. I also agree about Hurtigruten being the better option. Not least because if you want to see Norway, starting in Southampton is quite a detour and means you waste two days at sea.

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We visited Bergen on an earlier cruise that didn't stay in Norway.

June 2019 we did a Royal Caribbean cruise from Copenhagen that visited six ports, including Geiranger, Alesund, Flam, Stavanger, Tromso and Honningsvag (north cape).

Geiranger was the most amazing fjord. Alesund had the Path of the Trolls tour that was great. The North Cape was special and we were exposed to the Lapplanders or Sami People.

Bergen, on an earlier cruise had a lot of history and the funicular going up the mountain was great as was the scenic vistas at the top.

Tromso was nice, but was probably the least interesting port, however this was more due to how amazing the other ports were.

Here is my detailed review of our trip including tours. The narrative omits (my mistake) the port of Flam. We did a tour that included a train ride in to the mountains (Norway in a Nutshell).
Stockholm and Norway Aritic Circle

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Thanks to you all. We have decided to book the southern area fjords cruise. Didn't want to use up four days sailing north, plus the northern cruise missed Hellseyet and Geiranger, which we wanted to visit.

So, thanks to everyone for your comments. Ted