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Sognefjord in a Nutshell

I am wondering three things:

We are considering the round trip from Bergen Sognefjord in a Nutshell with Fjordtours.

  1. If we go with the organized tour, which is the better option and why- the train first or the boat first?

  2. Has anyone booked these segments on their own

  3. Does this tour go deep enough to see the really stellar scenery (it goes through Balestrand)

Thank you!

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You haven’t said when you are travelling.

In response to 1. It will depend on the time of year you plan to go and the daylight hours. Personally I would prefer to see the fjord so would make sure I had good light for that segment. there can also be different wait times along the way depending on whether you get the train or boat first. Check how long you will have at the different points along the way.

In response to 3. Balestrand is very scenic and deep into the fjord.

Can’t respond to 2.

Have a great trip.

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We will be in Norway in July. Thank you for the info on Balestrand, that is helpful.

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I have done #2 (SiN) and booked the segments myself. I traveled Bergen-to-Oslo, though, not a round trip.

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We too are planning our itinerary in Bergen for 3 days in July. One thing to consider is the docking schedule of the cruises both in Bergen and Flåm and plan accordingly. The website that we use is rather comprehensive:, listing arrival and departure times as well as number of passengers.