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Snow Road and Tunnel route

Hello! We want to travel the Snow Road and the tunnel mentioned in Steve's book. Is there an "inside lane" for the Snow Road? We would like to "hug" the mountains as much as possible! :-) I might have to get out and walk if it's too close to the edge! hahaha

We were thinking of driving the snow road first during daylight, then returning via the tunnel.

Any ideas? Any tips?


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Hi Melody,
Are you referring to the Aurlandsfjellet? While there are plenty of hairpin turns and you are up fairly high, for most of the drive you'll be on more of a mountain plateau— you won't really be "hugging" the mountains. It is incredibly beautiful and completely reasonable to drive the road and return by the tunnel with plenty of time to stop and enjoy the views. Make sure you go to the Stegastein viewpoint for an amazing view of the fjord. Another must-see is the Borgund Stave church near the end of the road in Laerdal.

These webpages give a good idea of what the mountains are like:

Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route.


Have a wonderful trip!

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Hello Melody,
I drove the "snow road" just this past Tuesday July 1. We were staying in Sogndal and drove the snow road to Aurland. You will definitely be "hugging" the mountains. Don't worry about falling off, but do watch out for the sheep that tend to nap in the road.
I had a very small 5 speed Toyota that did great - mostly in 2nd gear as it is nearly impossible to go much faster.
It is an absolutely awe-inspiring road. When you think you have reached the top, there is still more "up" to go. Give yourself about 3 hours or so to do the snow road. More if you want to stop at each available place. Do practice your "Jenga" skills as you may want to add a rock to a stack. You'll see what I mean when you get to one of the higher elevations. : - )
We took the tunnel back and had a blast. The big openings were so much fun that we pulled over and took videos in the cavern-like space.
If you like ice cream there is a restaurant with public restrooms just to the left as you exit the tunnel near Laerdal. Big vanilla waffle cones with sprinkles!
Have a wonderful time!