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SIM Card at Oslo Airport?

I'm taking a vacation in Norway in June, and I have some questions about getting a SIM card:

  1. Can I buy one at the Oslo Airport when I arrive?
  2. If so, in what part of the airport is it located?
  3. Will they set it up for me there with minutes and data?
  4. If I can't buy a SIM card and get it set up at the airport, how do I find a good place to do so?
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I have the same question. My wife, daughter, and I will be vacationing there in late June, arriving at the Gardermoen airport. I went on a mission trip to Shanghai, China last year and I did get a sim card at the airport. Cost me about $45 to get but glad I did! The rep installed and set it up. It was my company phone and I didn't want to incur any charges to my employer. It worked out great! Now I'm hoping to find the same experience in Norway!

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I was recently informed that SIM cards are no longer sold at the Oslo Airport. Therefore, I plan to locate a smartphone store near where I'll be staying in Oslo and buy the SIM card there.

I could buy a SIM card on Amazon, which would be quicker and easier than finding one in Norway. But when I bought a SIM card in Spain last year, I found I needed help from a person in the shop to get the card to work.