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Senior couple on mountain bikes

We are a senior couple wanting to take the bike trip from Berekvam to Flam. We know it's beautiful, but how dangerous. We have biked in the past, but not on mountain bikes or fast downhills with possible fast turns. Are we crazy to do this?

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My first question would be about the terrain. Will it be dirt and rock trails or paved? When I hear mountain bike I think rough, rocky, slippy, dirt, possibly muddy, somewhat remote riding where fast downhills and turns would not be my only concern.

But maybe mountain biking in Norway is not like that. You probably need to do a little more research on the route you plan to take and with the company that would rent you the bikes.

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I just saw a video put up by the VisitNorway tourist office of this exact route the other day and tried to find it for you but, of course, couldn't!
I did, however, find this 6-minute video on YouTube from Myrdal that shows much of the same route from a GoPro strapped to someone's helmet. Looks like the road is well-graded and well-maintained and the ride looks stunningly beautiful!
Now I want to go!