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seeking help on to plan for Norway


I'm planning to visit norway between jun 27th to july 4th. I heard about the Norway in a Nutshell but I need more info for to plan the trip. like
- Travelling from Oslo to Bergen through rental car is best or train (Norway in a Nutshell)
- If Norway in a Nutshell is best and cheap then how many days will be best to enjoy the scenic's of norway and what are the best places to stay at night to cover the beauties of fjords.
- Is Norway in a Nutshell (ferry,train and bus) will cover all the fjords scenic places?
- I want to travel back to stockholm from bergen, so I'm panning to take flight from bergen to this better option or travel back to Oslo and then Oslo to Stockholm is best.
- Suggest if any good tips and budgets planning ideas.

Appreciate your help/suggestions.

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Hey there!

Norway in a Nutshell is probably the simplest way to plan a trip around Norway, as you can do all the booking at once and get all the tickets in one packet. To answer your questions:

1) The train is probably a little more scenic and takes the stress off having to drive, but taking a car gives you more flexibility. So that's up to you; driving would be more expensive as there are many toll roads.

2) Norway in a Nutshell isn't necessarily cheaper than doing it yourself, but it's more convenient and easy. The best way to do it would be to overnight in Flåm.

3) Norway in a Nutshell covers the best bits of the fjords

4) There are direct flights that go to Stockholm

5) Budget wise, Norway in a Nutshell would be cheaper than driving.

Hope this helps!