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Scandinavia Trip Itinerary Help please!

I tried posting this in General ... but my questions are mostly about Norway, so here goes:

We booked flights arriving Helsinki and flying home from Oslo, and are now planning a month long trip in between.
I'm starting to think I've bit off more than I can chew! Mostly because the distances between all the places I wanted to visit are quite vast. What do you think of this itinerary idea, feel free to tell me I'm crazy. However, we do have to get from Helsinki to Oslo, so we're going to do this somehow. Are we crazy?

Arrive Helsinki - 3 nights
Ferry to Tallinn - 3 nights
Overnight Tallink ferry to Stockholm - 1 week in Stockholm
Train to Copenhagen - 5 days there
Train to Aarhus
visit north of Denmark? Hirtshals?

Next part,
Option 1:
Rick suggests one can ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand or Stavanger (?) Then train to Oslo? or...

Option 2:
Ferry Hirtshals to Bergen (16hrs ferry) then work eastward seeing Fjords arriving in Oslo at the end, or...

Option 3:
FLY copenhagen to Bergen and work eastward seeing Fjords by train arriving in Oslo at the end?

We prefer not to rent a car, so train/ferry is ideal. Can anyone help me devise a path that's not insane?

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No need for concern. This is a great itinerary. I vote for Option #3 - perfect!

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Thanks -- we've spent the morning talking about this, and since we don't want to fly, and I've already spent a good bit of time in DK, we might skip DK altogether this time and just take the train from Sweden to Oslo. More time to travel slow and enjoy the outback!

Helsinki -
Tallinn -
Stockholm - (+archipelago, islands, Uppsala) -
(spend a night in Karlstad maybe?)
Oslo -
Myrdal -
Bergen -
Voss -