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Scandinavia in 2.5 - 3 weeks

Hello all,

I have been all over Europe but the only Scandinavian destination I have visited is Copenhagen. I think its time to check out the rest (well, some more of it, at least...). Im working with approx. 18-21 days, probably from middle August- beginning of September. Im thinking starting in Oslo and ending in Copenhagen.

I get the basic jist of an itinerary, but looking over the one from this website specifically, it seems a bit crowded (and that actually comes from someone who doesn't usually mind a faster pace.)

Here are my general questions as I start to feel this out-

How are the trains up there? / Is the train system up there as good as the rest of Europe? I've read some stuff about renting a car but I'd prefer to avoid that.

What about these overnight cruises to Helsinki? Are they easy to work in and then continue on your way?

Is Scandanavia, (specifically Denmark, Sweden, Norway per this trip) as easy to get around as "general" Europe.

Would anyone mind giving me a sample Itinerary? Generally I would want anywhere between 5-7 stops for a trip this length, and I must go back through CPH (one of my favorite European cities!)


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Some ideas:

  1. Overnight ferry from CPH to Oslo
  2. Some days in Oslo and Bergen (NIN ?)
  3. Train to Stockholm
  4. Some days in Stockholm
  5. Overnight ferry to Helsinki

In my opinion (but I am biased) Scandinavia is much easier to travel in than the rest of Europe

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Trains are very good in Scandinavia. Among Eurail pass options, the specific Scandinavia pass is the cheapest. The Copenhagen-Oslo overnight ferry is not discounted with this pass, but Stockholm-Helsinki or Stockholm-Tallin overnights are (discount on several of the lower-priced cabin types).

Budget flights also operate between all the major cities, so an alternative to l.p.enersen's plan above or to Rick's train & boat itinerary would be to fly the one longest leg that reduces backtracking, such as from Bergen to either Stockholm or Helsinki. You could see the scenic Oslo-Bergen leg one way, and then in Sweden the main scenery that you would skip is lake and forest (not mountain and fjord).

Car rental works best when returned to the country of origin, therefore Rick's itinerary by car is big loop.

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Possible Itinerary
1. Oslo (2 days?)
2. train to Bergen (via Norway in a Nutshell route -- combo of train, boat, bus through Flam, maybe stop and spend the night in Flam instead of going straight through in one day)
3. Bergen (2 days?)
4. Fly to Helsinki from Bergen
5. Ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm
6. Stockholm (and nearby?) for a few days
7. Train to Copenhagen