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Hi. I would like to visit scandinavia in jul for 8 days, can I do this by myself or I need to join a tour? Also if somebody can help me with an itinerary. Would also appreciate an extension to the itinerary (depending on my leave approval) for another 4 days.

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There’s much information that Rick has produced about visiting Scandinavia. Have you bounced around this website and read his related guidebook? Visit your local oublic library for additional help. As for a tour, I’ve never felt the’s easy to visit on your own.

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Starting points are the many travel guides - Rick Steves "Scandinavia" which also includes Nordic countries, Lonely Planet and others.

Scandinavia is big and a long week is short. Decide if you want a highlight tour or something more. For a Rick Steves highlight type tour:

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I agree with the other replies. Your questions are too broad to answer in a Forum like this one; you need to start with some general guidebooks. Get Rick Steves Scandinavia as well as some others; use your library at this stage, then buy up to date ones once you decide where you're going.

In addition to the option of going on your own and a guided tour, you can also take a Baltic cruise. A cruise can work well with the short time you have, and in this region the ships dock close to the centers of most of the cities. It can also help with costs - Scandinavia can be very expensive.

If you want to learn more about Baltic cruises, here's a lecture from one of Rick's co-authors, Cameron Hewitt:

And here's Rick's lecture on Scandinavia:

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thanks guys! have never been to Scandinavia so a bit clueless right now as to what places would be of interest. I do have a broad idea like visiting Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo and definitely Bergen for the fjords. Will check out the links. Would appreciate if someone can come up with an itinerary for 9 to 10 days. And I would not like to drive so would it be feasible to take a train ride all the time?

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“And I would not like to drive so would it be feasible to take a train ride all the time?” Yes, plus ferries if you wish.

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Don't forget about local buses and long distance coaches. The long distance coaches that I've been on have had on-board toilets and a complementary hot drink station with (instant) coffee and hot coco packets. If you want to visit areas and villages off the beaten path (Lonely Planet country), check out the coach options.

Express coaches in general are an underrated way of travelling in
Norway, which is a pity because they offer an extensive network of
routes, also to more rural areas. Express coaches link all the major
towns, airports and ferry terminals, and many of the coaches connect
with each other and with local services.

Coach travel is usually a lot cheaper than travelling by plane or
train. Most operators offer discounts to students, children, senior
citizens, and families. Many operators also encourage online booking
in advance, and offer both discounts and guaranteed seating for those
who do.

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Not to sound snarky, but if you want someone to plan your trip, you should hire a travel agent. Everyone on this board is a traveler just like yourself so it works better if you propose your planned itinerary and ask for suggestions to improve on it. I would suggest getting a travel guide for the region and/or cities to start narrowing down your choices and come back when you have some more specific questions. If you don't want to do or have time to do the research, then maybe a tour would be best.

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Lots of good suggestions. Even though you only have 8 or 12 days, the itinerary from the Best of Scandinavia tour will give you some hints as to good things to see and do. Further research on them would help you decide which sound the most interesting.

You can plan this yourself, but you have to invest some time and effort. And with so little time in country, you'll have to make some challenging decisions about priorities. Dig in, the planning is fun.