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Sanity Check for Upcoming Trip Itinerary to Norway

Hey Everyone!

In July my wife and I will be traveling to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. We plan on renting a car while in Norway and I wanted to get everyone's thoughts if my plan is doable or if I should scale it back. If so I would be OK with taking some time away from Stockholm as seeing the fjords and hiking are very important to us. Anyways see details below:

  • Saturday, June 30th - Arrive in Oslo at 12:10 PM, explore city and then sleep in Oslo
  • Sunday, July 1st - Explore Oslo, 9:00 PM flight to Stavanager, Arrive at 9:50 PM, sleep - Stavanager
  • Monday, July 2nd - Hike Pulpit Rock then drive to Odda. Sleep in Odda
  • Tuesday, July 3rd - Hike TrollTunga, then drive to Bergen. Sleep in Bergen
  • Wednesday, July 4th - Free Day in Bergen. Sleep in Bergen
  • Thursday, July 5th - Drive from Bergen to Skei (Scenic Highway E16). Sleep in Skei
  • Friday, July 6th - Drive from Skei to Geiranger. Do Kayak Tour of Geirangerfjord. Drive to Alesund.
  • Saturday, July 7th - Free Day in Alesund
  • Sunday, July 8th - Half Day in Alesund and then Fly to Stockholm. Sleep in Stockholm
  • Monday, July 9th - Free Day Stockholm
  • Tuesday, July 10th - Free Day Stockholm
  • Wednesday, July 11th -Morning Train to Copenhagen. Half day in Copenhagen
  • Thursday, July 12th - Free Day Copenhagen
  • Friday, July 13th - Free Day Copenhagen
  • Saturday - Afternoon flights back home


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We found a cruise to be the most convenient and inexpensive to visit these very costly countries. Distances from Copenhagen to Stockholm and over to Oslo and Norway are deceptively long, and gasoline extremely expensive. Train travel is more popular with the locals.
We prefer spending more time in Copenhagen than Stockholm. Oslo is a one or two day city. We found Bergen to be very lovely and the most beautiful (and tall) people we have ever seen are there. The fjords were pretty but far from being the most beautiful places we've ever been.
These countries are serviced well by good budget European airlines, too.

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I would skip Stockholm to save time and money. It doesn't seem to me that 2 days there is worth a plane and train ride (planes are often cheaper and faster than trains, BTW). Consider flying into Stavanger and spending more time on your long routes through western Norway. There's plenty more outdoor adventures you could take along the way. Plus, you'll be geared up and packed for those specific activities. Bergen and Alesund are both good for about 2 nights and a full day each. Fly from Alesund to Oslo or skip Oslo (put more days into western Norway) and go directly to Copenhagen (a happening place with a youthful vibe). Having traveled last July in western Norway, I was surprised at how many tunnels there were going through those rock mountains. It cuts down on the scenic driving for sure. And, the driving is slower than you would expect. Have you budgeted for the rental car drop fee? It is expensive in Norway. (On the plus side, you won't need a car in Copenhagen.) Additionally, make absolutely sure that you have a credit card with a pin #. Norway uses credit cards almost exclusively over cash. You almost always need a card with a pin# to buy gas (as we painfully found out). Many of the gas pumps are not run by the adjacent quick mart and it can be difficult to get gas unless you have a credit card with a pin# (as we painfully found out). You can even pay 25 cents (krona equivalent) to use a bathroom with a credit card. Eating out is incredibly expensive as well. We used AirBnB (an entire apartment with kitchen) a lot when we were staying two or more nights in an area.

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You are going to a beautiful part of the world!
We also visited all three countries but flew between them. When we went it was less expensive and certainly faster to fly via SAS than to take a train. I also wish you had more time in Stockholm, our favorite of the three cities, followed by Oslo, then Copenhagen. We would happily return to all three cities.
I am glad you are giving lovely Alesund with it’s art nouveau architecture enough time. We did not go to Stavanager but went to every other place else on your itinerary.
In Oslo, the Viking ship museum is incredible and the sculpture park, Vigeland, is also a must see.
Enjoy it all.