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Rv 7 versus E 134

We are trekking from Oslo to Jorpeland, but are conflicted over which route contains the best scenery. The route is the same on Rv 13 from Hara to Jorpeland, so my question concerns the northern route on Rv 7 versus the southern route on E 134. Is Rv 7 worth the almost two hours of additional drive time?

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Yes, it is worth more time. The only downside is the possibility of traffic jams between Bu and Kinsarvik.
Between Røldal and Jørpeland you should consider Fv520. This will add one ferry (Ropeid-Sand).
Video from Fv520 in opposite direction, with triple? speed.

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Thanks JZ, seems the road spends more time along a fjord. But where is the ferry? It seems the road rejoins 13 south of Sand.