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Road Tripping from Alesund

Hi all!

I'm trying to figure out some logistics and get some advice from those who have been to Norway. We are considering taking a road trip from Alesund to Trondheim mid-September (we'll be in Norway Sept 11 - 22). Our ultimate goal is to make it up to Tromso via plane, most likely from Trondheim. The drive from Alesund to Trondheim says it takes just under 6 hours but obviously it will take longer since we'll be sightseeing along the way. My main question is: does anyone have experience driving in Norway that time of year? I know it's impossible to predict the weather but my fear is we'll have this all set, and then some snow storm will come in and we'll miss our flight to Tromso. Many sites I've read on talk about the excellent conditions of the road, and I'm being advised by my friends to just go for it. But figured I'd ask around to those who have been there. We really want to drive the Great Atlantic Road as well. Any advice on conditions of the roads would be lovely! As well as any suggestions for this road trip in general. I appreciate it!

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Unlikely you will have even a snow flurry in September. Rain? More than likely but Sept can be very nice. Check out for everything weather related. You have a 55% of rain on a given day in Sept in Ålesund with an average of 5.7” for the month. 0% chance of snow.