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Renting Bed linens and towels in Norway

I would be travelling in Fjord Norway for about 10 days by car with my family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids). We are doing a big road trip where we would be staying at every place for 1 night only.

We are booking cabins / apartments at most of the places. We are finding that every place is offering bed linen / towel sets for rent. When we add the rent for 4 people for 10 nights, it adds up quickly to very high amount.

I have a general question regarding bed linens. I have traveled to so many countries in the past and have never seen anywhere asking to rent bed linen and towels for extra. I would expect that any accommodation place would include those in the cost.

Since we are flying in from USA, I am wondering if it is worth carrying the linens / towels with us instead of renting it from every cabin owner. Any suggestion regarding that. We are making a round trip from Bergen. Should be buy or rent bed linen / towel etc from Bergen itself?

The cabins already have mattresses, pillow and blankets. So when I rent a bed linen set from a cabin, what exactly items from the list below are included in it for each bed?
- A pillow cover
- A bed sheet for the mattress
- A sheet for under the blanket
- A bath size (large) towel
- A small size hand towel

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We needed sleep sacks on our first trip to Norway. The mountain hytter typically include duvets but required sleep sheets/sacks as did hostels. Do a web search for "hostel sleep sack". (Some hostels now provide sheets. Hosteling International suggest checking with the property).

Sleep sacks come in many materials but we bought silk DreamSacks because they are light and pack down town a small ball. They also feel silky smooth. I heard that DreamSack rebranded to Yala. Another name brand is Cocoon.

We also carry light weight backpacking/travel towels. They are made from highly water absorbing microfiber and a medium size towel is all a regular sized adult needs for drying purposes. The plus is that the dry quickly.

City hotels and some private mountain lodges include linins.

Here's a link to an interesting paper on Norwegian butter that may help you understand why towels:

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Take a sleeping bag liner, a pillow case, and one of those micro-fiber hand towels that wrings out to almost dry for everybody.

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Thanks to both of you for the ideas of sleep sack and microfiber towels. I will look into that.

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Eagle Creek sells great microfiber towels that come with a built in hanging loop. The long bath sheet size takes up less room and weight than a typical cotton terry hand size towel. It is usually dry within 30 minutes in dry country, in humid places it will take a few hours, but at least it will be dry the next time you take a shower. Best of all it can be used to wring laundered clothes out so clothes dry more quickly. We have found that in our Europe travels it is fairly easy to find someone to lend you their washing machine, but no one uses a dryer. Laundromats are really difficult to find as everyone has a washing machine. Don't know if this is true for Scandinavian countries.

REI carries several brands of sleep sacks. Be careful to not get one that is cut to fit inside a mummy style sleeping bag if you like to spread you legs out, or you like to be able to turn over easily.

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I love the option of camping cabins in Norway, but they are designed for folks who are "self-catering." The sleep sacks and quick-dry towels will be an investment that you can use again.