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Rental discount @ Avis

Hello all, if you are planning to book car rentals Avis website had a discount for 30% if you signup with them and pay right away.
Saved $300 on my rental in Norway.
Good luck!

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Sounds good. Thanks for sharing this.

I like to add a tip: Use the full insurance for car rentals in Norway including roof, glas and tyres. In parts of Norway the streets can be very narrow, e.g. along fjords, also you may drive along steeps with uncontrolled falling objects (little stones, snow, shrubs, ...).

Also animals like to show up suddenly near or even on the street. Example of reindeers om Google Earth / Maps:

Last summer some animals searched shadow and cool temperatures in tunnels.

Always a safe trip to all of us!

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uncontrolled falling objects (little stones, snow, shrubs, ...).

do you often see falling shrubs????

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Maybe I used wrong word - open for corretion. Yes, I saw at some occasions green stuff coming down from hill / mountains from side of streets - even large parts of bushes or trees; especially after strong winds or rainfalls in spring.

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I remember seeing signs somewhere, but can't remember where, that warned of falling cows. There were pastures at the top of the cliff side and sometimes the cows got a little too close.

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We rented with our credit card that gives us full rental coverage. But, will check on it again! Thanks.

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We used credit card coverage in Norway (used in the sense that we didn’t buy any from Avis, not that we had damage and made a claim) but had to be firm with the rental counter that we weren’t buying theirs. This might be an instance where a statement of coverage from the credit card might be wise.

As you may have noticed rental cars are expensive in Norway.