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Pulpit Rock, Stavanger.

We got most of the information for the hiking from the reading except this one.
Is there rest room(toilet) facility up there, even a portable one?
Also we planned to travel by boat from Stavanger to Bergen. But I learned that the express boat is closed. Is there any local boat/ferry available going on that route ? I'd like to have the phone number too if available.
Our plan is flying from OSLO to Stavanger early morning on July 25. Take a half-day fjord tour.

Tackle the Pulpit Rock on next day and leave for Bergen the day after. Thanks much!

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We were on a Celebrity Cruise last year that stopped at Stavanger. We only had about 8 hours total to get up and back to Pulpit Rock. We took a tour bus from Stavanger to the beginning of the trail with arrangements for the bus to pick us up. It is a fairly difficult hike but when you get there it is absolutely spectacular. The nearest washroom facilities are at the beginning of the trail: on the trail and at Pulpit Rock nature and yourself will have to be one.

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Thanks Les for the information!
Now I am moving on on my planning.
We will stay at Bergen for two nights, Balestran for two nights, Aurland for 4 nights and then head back to Oslo.
I am trying to find the boat schedule from Bergen to Balestran and then from Balestran to Flam. All Google search on boat schedule came up with all the advertisement sites. Do you (or any body) know what site I should go for this? I planned to rent a car at Flam to drive around. So a schedule is important to me at this point. Thanks.