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Public restrooms and actual drive times for Oslo to Feios and Feios to Brunkeberg

We plan to visit the sites of ancestral farms in early June. We will drive from Oslo to Feios along the RV162, E16, Rv50, E16 again, Rv13, Rv602 Fv181. Several days later we will drive from Feios to Brunkeberg along Fv182, Rv602, Rv13, E134, Rv41. Are there adequate public restrooms or other places with restrooms along these routes? I really would like a restroom every 2 hours with a chance to stretch our legs.

Also we are concerned that the google map route instructions are not realistic as to driving times. Google listed 6 hours 21 minutes from Oslo to Feios, and 5 hours 42 minutes from Feios to Brunkeburg. Are these truly reasonable driving times? Thanks for any advice.

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You would at least "round up" these driving times to account for your unfamiliarity in the region, and then add time for stops, too. can give you another estimate. Scenic stopping points do often have shops and restrooms. You can also go into any hotel or café you find. Without knowing these specific roads, I assume that you will seldom have to resort to Plan C, which is peeing in the bushes.

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First, you might try checking your route on which tends to have more detail for European routes. It shows the drive from Oslo to Feios as an 8 hour plus drive which looks more realistic to me.

Second, if you have any ferry crossing on your route, allow even more time. Sometimes you miss a ferry and have to wait.

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I agree with the previous comments, although I think the google times can be achieved, although they are indeed optimistic for most drivers. The default speed limit in Norway is 80 kph (50mph). You can sometimes drive 90, but many other times the road itself will limit your speed more than the actual speed limit. You may not feel comfortable taking every corner you encounter at 80, so plan on an average speed of more like 65 or 70 (frustrating, I know) in rural mountainous areas.

I tried to search the Norwegian road authority for concrete information about rest areas, but came up empty. In rural areas, gas stations will have restrooms that you can use (unlike in central Oslo, where often the easiest way to use a bathroom is to pay 10 kroner at a mall or train station), and any tourist shops or points of interest should have bathrooms as well. It shouldn't be a problem to find a place to stop at least every hour in towns along your route, although some places may have little to offer tourists.

Safe travels and I hope you enjoy your trip!

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Thanks very much for the responses. We decided to stop for the night in each direction and have booked hotels. I am excited to view all the wonderful scenery we will pass and Stav churches in their original locations.
I have another question: Can we buy and activate an inexpensive cell phone for use in Norway at the main Oslo Train Station? Or is it better to do this at the Oslo Airport?
Thanks again for any advice

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Hello all,
Thanks for all the helpful replies. We returned from Norway on June 15 and had a wonderful but exhausting trip. There were plenty of rest stop areas on the E16 and most of the lesser roads. We purchased a British phone from Amazon that works all over Europe before we left and it worked fine the 2 times we used it. We were very glad for the advice to take 2 days to reach each of the family farm areas as the roads are definitely stressful and slow compared to California. However the scenery is gorgeous!
I have one comment about Rick's Snapshot Norway Guidebook which we purchased in 2013. The National Gallery in Oslo has been totally reorganized so his wonderful self guided tour wasn't useful. The rooms are now color coded by time period and numbered.