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Provisioning a Picnic Near Bergen Train Station?


I'm looking for advice on quickly provisioning a picnic dinner from a cafe or deli near Bergen train station.

I'm arriving at Bergen Flesland Airport at at 14:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, planning to take the tram to the Train Station, and hope to catch a 16:30ish train onward.

Is this timing realistic (if my flight lands on time)?

And are there quick places to grab a sandwich and a drink "to go" nearby? I looked at the Vy cafe menu and it looks okay, but not great.

Thank you in advance for any insight!

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Although I don’t remember the food service establishments that I utilized in Bergen back in 2017 I can say that throughout my travels I had success with grab and go purchases at local markets or grocery stores. Rarely has there been a hot sandwich option but in most cases the food has been pleasing to the palate.

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If you have to claim bags, then I think it's tight. The tram is a local one
and to my recollection makes quite a few stops along the way, which
doesn't help your cause.

Maybe think about taking a cab if you are tight for time instead of the

As for provisions, I know there are a few establishments in the train station,
and there appear to be some delis/restaurants/grocery store in the block
just west of the station.

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The light rail trip is not quick. I bet you can see the timing on Google Maps.

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Where are you flying from and do you have any checked in luggage?

But to answer your question, you can have a look at Solros café and bakery, Marken 31 close to the station. Or if you want something simpler there is a grocery store on the other side of the street.

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I am sad to say that in this instance, the bus into town, which is much faster than the tram/light rail (although worse for the environment) and also takes you to the rail station area.

Flybussen I think is the name.

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Thank you for the quick responses and questions!

I will be flying from New York via Reykjavík, carry-on bag only (backpack).

I'm trying to get a 16:30ish train to Myrdal, so that I can extend my time in the Sognefjord region, but still be on the train to Myrdal during daylight. I've planning to walk to Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell from Myrdal, and I've heard that dinner off-season might not be worth the price. I'd rather economize than be disappointed. :-)

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There are a couple of cafes in Bergen railway station that sell take away food. We got a sandwich from one in March.

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In that case I think there is no reason worry about the time between the flight and the train. Assuming the flight lands on time and you don't get hold up in customs.

And yes, the bus from the airport is a bit faster on paper, but in reality the tram is often the faster option since it is much more frequent. There is usually a tram leaving the airport every five minutes. The tram also has the advantage that it doesn't risk getting stuck in traffic.