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Problem buying ferry tickets

I tried to buy ferry tickets from Flam to Gudvangen on the Visit Flam website. I entered all the information, got an order number, but then got a never ending loop of "processing payment." The page kept refreshing but it always went back to "Processing Payment."

Anyone else have this problem? If so, a way around it?

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Try a different browser. This trick just worked for me for a London hotel, when I had a similar problem.

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Try refreshing and yes, its happened to me too - frustrating but one time I called and they had the order placed...I also ended up shutting down once and rebooting only to find a message that said, "thanks for your order! your order number is..."!!!

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I emailed them and they made the booking for me then sent me an invoice. I had no problem paying that. i think. (They said I would not get an email after paying.) But when I tried to pay again, it said it was paid.

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Hi Frank,
We are also going to book today our Norway in a Nutshell tickets. Did you use Fjord tours to book? If not, how did you do it? We need to book ours today and we booked a hotel in Flam a while back so we just need to book the train, bus and boat tickets. Any suggestions?