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Premium boat

What are the advantages of a premium boat from Flam to Gudwangen? Or is that just what they call all of them?

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I guess my real question is: What are the specific advantages of the Premium? How much more does it cost?

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During the winter season, the operator reserves the right to interchange the "premium" and "classic" boats. This would imply that the price is the same for the same NIN Flam to Gudwangen route.

You can test buy:

Choose between one of our "classic" vessels or travel on our new and
modern "premium" boat. This boat run on electric power and give
travelers a whole new experience on the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord,
the latter on UNESCO's World Heritage List. A Fjordcruise is available
year round.

Winter Cruise On our Winter Cruises running from 1st of October to
April 30th the vessels (premium or classic) are not predefined. The
Fjords reserves the right to alternate vessels in their fleet due to
weather conditions, capacity and maintenance. Note that changes can
occur within short notice. Information about operating vessels can be
obtained by contacting our call center.

Life was simpler in the old days when we did the NIN. No choices on boats.