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Pre-paid SIM card in norway

Hello, I would like to stay connected while vacationing in norway. I will be entering norway through oslo airport., and what would be the best way for me to get data service for about 12 days in norway? Thanks you all in advance!

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Data charges can add up fast even with a European/Norwegian sim-card. I personally would check with your current provider about international plans and then use your data sparingly when out and use wifi as much as you can at your hotel, cafes, parks, and any of the many free wifi areas that exist now. You can find more information here.

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I've just spoken with the Twitter customer service line for Telenor, the largest cellular provider in Norway. They've told me that SIM cards are available at many convenience stores (7 Eleven, Deli de Luca, etc) and there is a store at the Oslo airport in the arrivals area where you can also get one, both for approximately $30 (including service, check for complete charges). At least with the iPad they informed me you can activate it from the device directly, but it may be different for other devices.

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My wife and I visited Norway for two weeks in late June of this year. We talked to the people in the Telenor store at the Oslo airport; they do not sell prepaid SIM cards to foreign visitors. They sent us next door to the 7-11, where we got a "MyCall" SIM card for 49NOK (US $8) which included very limited phone/data time. We were able to recharge this by purchasing a monthly subscription on the internet using our hotel wireless for about $33; this included unlimited calling in Norway, 250 Intl minutes and 500MB data.
Another time, I'd activate the Verizon Intl plan rather than buy a local SIM card for this length of trip. Activation confirmation came by SMS in Norwegian; each step in purchase required 12 or more hours with no feedback as to whether anything was happening. Then we had to cancel the subscription using a downloaded form on our return to the US. You may want to think twice about spending your vacation time and energy dealing with this kind of hassle--particularly in view of the small benefit if any over the Verizon plan.