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Pre-order Flytoget tickets?

Hi, my wife and I are looking forward to a few days in Oslo this summer, and plan to take the Flytoget train in from the airport. Is there any point to pre-ordering tickets for this train? On the website I did not see any discount for doing this, and the fact that you have to specify a particular hour for pre-ordered tickets makes me nervous. I tend to be a bit obsessive about paying things ahead of time, but am having second thoughts about this train.

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I love to pre-buy things! I pre-buy lots of things...but not my airport arrival transportation. You just never know when you're actually going to arrive, make it through immigration, have your bags etc. I haven't flown into Oslo but I looked over that Flytoget train and it seems to run pretty often. I'd get a ticket when I was ready to ride.

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No discount. And the Flytoget is more expensive than the NSB train, saving you only a couple of minutes. If you pre-bought a NSB train ticket you would still need to go to a machine to get your ticket. You can buy train tickets from a real person at OSL.

Oslo Airport Gardermoen by train

Did you know that NSB trains reach Gardermoen in less than 30 mins
from Oslo S – and that a ticket is only NOK 92,-? This is half the
price that Flytoget charge for the Oslo S – Gardermoen stretch. We
have departures to Gardermoen more than every 30 mins , and the
journey only takes 23 mins. Our airport trains also stop at
Lillestrøm, which is an important hub between Oslo and Gardermoen.

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We did this last summer and it was very easy. There is a ticket window for the Flytoget train at the entrance to the train platforms right in the terminal. The Flytoget is more expensive than the regular train and doesn't save you that much time. Either way is just as good as the other if cost wasn't a consideration. You really don't need to get tickets in advance for either.

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Thanks everyone! We'll wait to purchase the tickets, and maybe take the regular train.