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Planning trip last week of May 2020

I'm in a very early planning phase of a 7-day stay, flying into Oslo. I'd like to do Pulpit Rock, Kjeragbolten, Trolltunga, and Galdhoppigen. I picked this time of the year because I read that it's just before summer, therefore not as crowded. Hopefully snows melted. With some time spent online, I'm thinking I take the train to Stavanger, use public transportation or rent a car to do Pulpit, then do Kjeragbolten, then drive (or bus) to some tiwn near Trolltunga, then Galdhoppigen. Then train to Oslo. Can I have some advice, suggestions, comment, on: 1) clothing/weather; 2) where to stay near destination (I think Stavanger will be first stop ); 3) transportation mode, I think some transportation may not yet be available; 4) I am good with directions but I've never driven in Europe so compared to driving in California and at National Parks in the US, how much different and challenging would it be; 5) will 7 days be enough time.

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Hey. I used to take a similar route traveling to Norway last year. It's great that you've decided to travel at this period of time as there shouldn't be too many tourists and as for me it's a lot more comfortable to enjoy your trip.
So, the spring in Norway is probably the hardest season to define what clothes to put on. Some years it comes early, other years late, sometimes it’s hot, sometimes chilly enough what’s supposed to be the summer months.
Speaking of the cloth for the weather in the spring months March, April, and May there is a 100% tip - don’t trust your own eyes as the weather may have changed for the worse or better so that I suggest to bring some light and warm suits.
Pointing out some places to stay in Stavanger I'd mention Victoria Hotel (4 stars, situated in a Victorian-style building, dating back 1900.) as it's affordable enough in comparison to other ones.
What concerns driving in Norway, I believe you won't face any problems just keep the rules, don't drink and drive, don't drive with mobile phone, keep a speed limit to avoid fares.
I would suggest you to spend more time planing some details of your route to include as many more places as you can. When I was going to travel Norway I used to read some guides and travel tips on Also, I guess there are tons of material on TripAdvisor.
In general 7 days is enough but for sure we all are different and it depends on the activities you prefer during the vacation.
Have a great trip and feel free to ask for advice.

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I spent a lot of time in Norway in the 1990s. I would not want to drive in downtown Oslo, otherwise driving in Norway is no big deal. It is probably even easier these days with the availability of nav systems.

I have taken both the bus and the train. They work quite well. Busses go almost everywhere.

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Awesome comments. I will make notes. Seems not very many places to stay near Galdhopiggen. And would you advise to bring crampons? I read somewhere I don't need to bring cash because businesses take cc only?

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I missed your question about crampons. Unless you are going to some serious “mountaineering” I don’t see a need for crampons. Just a pair of quality lug soled hiking boots. The weather is quite nice in May!