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Places to stay near Myrdal because the train arrives after the last train to Flam.

I am booking my tickets from Oslo to Flam and discovered that the Oslo to Myrdal train we have to take, the afternoon one, arrives about 45 minutes after the last train leaves for Flam. We really need to take the afternoon train in order to do the whole Norway in a Nutshell and make our flight out of Bergen the next evening, but I am wondering if there are any options of places to stay in Myrdal or the area, or other ways to get to Flam. We arrive at Myrdal at 20:45 on July `15, so there will still be plenty of light. I was surprised it arrives after the last train to Flam because I thought they were linked to work together. Thanks for any guidance.

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I think your understanding of timetables is about right, with a minor time correction to what you typed. Train schedules that I see show the last Oslo-Myrdal train arriving at 20:24 but the last Myrdal-Flam departure at 19:48. Google Maps show this summer-only hotel in Myrdal: