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PBS Scandinavian Cooking show

Has anyone found the restaurants of Andreas Viestad in Oslo?

Hoping we have enough free time in July of our RS trip to find St. Lars, Salome or Spaghetteria.
I love watching Andreas cook on a mountainside or harbor dock.

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I don't know about the restaurants but that is a fun show. Andreas and the other hosts definitely earn their kroner cooking under tough conditions. There's the one where he's cooking fish on a frozen lake, and the wind is so strong you can see it blowing away the salt before it actually gets to the pot. One of the other hosts, a stereotypical Norwegian blonde woman, races downhill on her skis, stops in a spray of snow, and cooks lunch on a little stove set in a snowbank. I described this to my wife and said (joking!), do you think you could be more like her, getting a dirty look in return. I just wish they made more episodes as the same ones keep repeating.