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Oslo to Malmo

We are looking for a night train from Oslo to Malmo. Suggestions?

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I looked up that route on It looks like you need to go via Stockholm: Leave Oslo at 16:56, arrive in Stockholm at 21:50, leave Stockholm at 23:14, arrive in Malmo at 06:48.

That's a nearly 14-hour trip by a pretty indirect route. You can do it much faster and more directly (traveling via Goteborg, for example) if you take daytime trains.

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For what its worth flying to CHP seems to b e the best suggestion:

Train Oslo 23min - every 15 minutes $11 - $15
Fly Oslo (OSL) 1hrs 10min $40 - $100
Train Copenhagen (CPH) 19min - every 15 minutes $7 - $14

Train Oslo S 45min - every 30 minutes $12 - $17
Bus Moss stasjon 3min - every 5 minutes - line 580 $5
Train Mosseporten Senter 1hrs 50min - once a week - line 303 $17 - $24
Train Göteborg Central 2hrs 31min - every 3 hours $35 - $95
Malmö Central

Bus Oslo Bussterminal 3hrs 29min - hourly $20 - $50
Train Göteborg Central 3hrs 16min - hourly $35 - $95
Train Malmö Triangeln station

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There has not been an overnight train on that route for a couple of years. I'm guessing that Copenhagen might be your actual destination, anyway. Options are correctly laid out above for day train, overnight ferry, or flight.

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Or you can drive. We did that once when our flight back to Copenhagen was cancelled by an ATC strike. The drop fee was horrendous, however!

We have friends with a summer home on the water a bit south of Oslo. I loved sitting on their porch watching the ferry to or from Copenhagen float by. Seems like it would be a lovely journey, even at night ( since daylight lasts so late). I have heard it can be quite a party scene on weekends, however.