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Oslo to Lom (or Roisheim)

We are taking a driving trip in Norway in early September and will stay in Roisheim (near Lom) before driving to Balestrand the next day. Was wondering if anyone can suggest the best routing to get from Oslo to Roisheim (or Lom). It appears to be fairly long route so was generally looking for the most direct route but was also wondering what to see along the way as well as whether to stop at Lillehammer on the way? Is it on the way or would it add time to the drive? Separately, if anyone has driven to Roisheim or Lom and has used GPS could they input into their device a town that their GPS could find? My GPS (Garmin) seems not to be able to find the town of Roisheim or Lom and was hoping to be able to put in the device someplace at least close-by Lom or Roisheim to follow a routing. Thanks!

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We've traveled by train from Oslo to Otta vis Lillehammer. Train runs up a long scenic river valley similar to the E6 route. A stop at Lillehammer would be a good break with things to see/do in Lillehammer.

And Otta/Lom are Giant country gateways:

Jotunheimen is a largely undisturbed mountain area in Eastern Norway,
covering an area of roughly 2,200 square miles. The mountain range is
Norway’s most popular national park and includes the country’s two
highest mountains Galdhøpiggen (8,100 ft. above sea level) and
Glittertind (8083 ft. above sea level), as well as waterfalls, rivers,
lakes, glaciers, and valleys.

And this looks interesting:

Lom Bakery is probably Norway's best bakery - situated in the National
Park Village of Lom.

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Thanks for your help. The suggestion about inputing Fosbergom instead of Lom was terrific and solved all my problems. I never would have figured that out.