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Oslo to Bergen to Kristiansand: Trek, boat, and ?

Timing: Get into Oslo on July 30, need to be in Kristiansand on Aug 5 for work
Idea: I am hoping to trek (multiday with backpacks, medium/hard terrain ok) from Oslo north to a mouth of a fjord, then hop on a boat back to Bergen, star in Bergen for a bit, then head to Kristiansand. Is this doable? Tips? I plan to join the Norway Trekking Association so we can use their routes and cabins (though I am still figuring this site out).

Thank you in advance!

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After re-reading I still do not get your idea.

In general 6 dull days are not much time for Norway distances. Furthermore make yourself fmiliar with the basic rail connections and ship connections of Norway.

If "to trek" means walking for you then the time window will not be sufficient.

Reality-wise I would go by train either direction Bergen or Stavanger and go for some nice less known hikes around fjords. From Bergen you can go by ferry or bus to Stavanger and from there by train to Kristiansand (S). Hope you do not mean Kristiansund in the north.