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Oslo to Beren stopovers 3 nights


Was hoping for some advice on a driving trip we are making in September. We have three nights available between stops in Oslo and Bergen and after looking at the RS Scandinavia book thought we might stop off for one night in Lom and then drive to Balestrand for two nights, before heading to Bergen. Wondering if this sounds like a decent plan for us. We are not particular about exactly what we see but want to be among the fjords of course and be in pleasant small-town surroundings from which we can drive to scenic areas. This does seem like a lot of driving and maybe we are biting off too much but don't mind the driving if there are good things to see along the way. Can anyone help to give some advice to us? Thanks!

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Not exactly what you're asking but here's what I was told - my trip will be in June. According to a friend who did the Oslo to Bergen adventure she said she regrets greatly that she didn't stop for at least one night in the Flam/Balestrand area. Based on RS's book we're spending a single night in Balestrand so that we're not all go-go-go to do the trip. We're staying overnight at Balestrand Hotel and they have been lovely to work with. I think a few quiet days of just seeing what there is to be seen sound lovely!
As I said, not much feedback but a wee bit. Safe and happy travels!


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I'd recommend staying in any of these towns: Lærdalsøyri, Balestrand, Flåm, Gudvangen, Stalheim (famous old hotel with an amazing view). That will make your drive much easier :)

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Many people do the fjords from Oslo and Bergennin one day. It is always nice though to slow down and take your time. A night in Flam or Baelstrand would definately be worthwhile!
Are you flying into Oslo and out of Bergen? Hopefully you have an open jaw airline tkt so you don’t have to backtrack.

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And yes, have an open jaw. Flying into Stockholm, driving to Oslo and later flying out of Bergen. thanks again.