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oslo restaurants

any recommendations for good restaurants in Oslo. Fun, good ambience, locals.
delicious food.

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I had a phenomenal dinner at Hos Thea. Pricey, to be sure, but truly memorable. (Note that they are closed for all of July.)

I also had an enjoyable dinner at Rorbua on Akers Brygge. There are lots of restaurants on Akers Brygge that appear to be popular with locals and tourists alike. But if you want to get further from where tourists are eating, try the Grünerløkka neighborhood. I didn't eat there, but along Thorvald Meyers Gate I passed by a number of what looked like fun, busy restaurants filled with locals.

Be prepared for a bit of sticker shock when dining out in Oslo, but try to shrug it off as part of the price you pay for vacation happiness.

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Akers Brygge a good bet for walking around and picking a place.

Here is a link to the Aftenposten newspaper' s restaurant guide:
Sorry, no English version but you can run the website through Google Translate to get a "machine" translation that gives you the essence.

Note that if Norwegians want good Norwegian food at a reasonable price, they just eat at home. And alcohol is expensive so they tend to do pre-meal cocktails at home, then take a taxi to the restaurant.

PS One of the best Oslo dinners that I enjoyed after a week in the mountains was a Chinese multiple course dinner at the Dinner Restaurant at Stortingsgata 22. As good or better than an upscale San Francisco Chinese restaurant.

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I started reading the Jo Nesbø Harry Hole detective novels after my last visit to Oslo. Nesbø features real places in his settings. I would like to try the Restaurant Schrøder on my next visit to Oslo.

The restaurant serves traditional Norwegian café and restaurant style
food, such as pork and sauce and Wiener Schnitzel. Entrecôte, meat
patties and plaice were on the menu in 1957 and are still there in

Check it out during your visit and let us know what you think.

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Last time I was in Oslo my Norwegian friend met me and took me to a place that she goes for lunch when she's working in town. It's called Elias mat & sant, and is on Kristian Augusts gate in the center of the city, just a couple of blocks away from the National Theater. They serve authentic and very tasty Norwegian dishes...I tried the reindeer meatballs with something similar to mushy peas, potatoes, and lingonberry (?) sauce. Completely delicious! Inger had some sort of fish stew. They serve a variety of things that I don't think you'll find outside of Norway! Highly recommend.

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Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions. We are very excited about the trip and appreciate the suggestions especially as we need to take some people out as a thank you.