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Oslo or Bergen to Myrdal, Flam, Gudvangen

Sorry if this seems really stupid, but I am totally confused.

Whether I come from Bergen or Oslo, the first arrival at Gudvangen or Myrdal
is 11 ish.

So I can't seem to figure out how to do the ferry, Flamsbana and two hour bike ride
between Myrdal and Flam (down the hill) and get to Voss or Oslo that evening (without
the overnight train to Oslo).

Oslo (or any stop along the way) first arrival is 11:18 to Myrdal
Bike ride to Flam < 2 hours
Catch 13:13 train back to Myrdal-arrive 14:11
14:28-15:25 train back to Flam won’t catch the 15:00 ferry to Gudvangen
(Maybe take a taxi or hitch a ride in a passenger car?)
Ferry to Gudvangen at 15:00-17:00

LAST bus from Gudvangen to Voss is 17:25.

Pretty much the same in reverse.

First bus to Gundvangen from Voss is at 10.
Do the noon ferry to Flam, train to Myrdal at 16,
2 hour bike back to Flam, last train from Myrdal is 17:18

Does anyone have any suggestions, (other than to ditch the bike ride) for doing this
in one day?

If not, I have to stay overnight in Myrdal, Flam, or Gudvanger. Suggestions please?

Thank you!!

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You can get to Myrdal sooner from Bergen. It’s much closer than coming from Oslo and there are more frequent trains.

Tomorrow (just as an example) Google says the first train departs Bergen at 0707 and arrives Myrdal 0917. If you can bike down quickly to Flam you can catch the 1042 train back up to Myrdal. Riding that same train back down to Flam puts you back in Flam at 1256. From then hopefully you’d have enough time to do the fjords but if you’re trying to get to Oslo that might not work, as the last Oslo train departs Voss at 1656.

You can definitely get to Voss or back to Bergen same day.

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Thank you for the prompt response. I've looked at that, also. If I did that, I have to go back to Voss or Bergen, can't get to Oslo. So I'll wait to see if someone has some good suggestions for where to stay overnight.

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I don't believe I've ever seen a report here of a one-day Nutshell trip with the bike ride added on. It may not be possible since some of the transportation legs are fairly infrequent and the basic travel time, even aside from any layovers, is significant.

When are you planning this trip? Lodging in the Sognefjord area suffers from inadequate supply to meet the demand in the settlements accessible without a car. I don't think there's anything at all in Myrdal. There's less in Gudvangen than in Flam, I suspect. Voss has options (it's an outdoor-activity center) but isn't located on a fjord, so the setting isn't as soectacular as you might imagine. One other fjord-side possibility is Aurland, which I think has bus service from Flam, but I've never gone looking for the schedule.

Keep in mind the vagaries of the weather in that area. You could arrange overnight lodging--which will not be cheap except at the hostel in Flam--in order to facilitate a bike ride and then have such miserable weather that the ride wouldn't be enjoyable.

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So maybe the question should be, do I need to take the train from Flam to Myrdal if I’m going to ride the bike from Myrdal to Flam?

Would there be a significant difference in the scenery and or the experience?

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Just thought of another idea: only ride the Flamsbana one-way, uphill to Myrdal. This could work if boats and trains are timed perfectly but it doesn’t work currently (by 5 minutes, alas).

It would go like this:
1) arrive Myrdal from Oslo (1118)
2) bike to Flam (figure arrive at 1300)
3) Boat to Gudvangen (Lustrabatane at 1330)
4) Bus back to Flam (Norway’s Best, departs 1545 arrives 1605)
5) Flamsbana train to Myrdal (departs 1600)
6) train to Oslo (currently departs at 1739)

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Unfortunately, I don't know whether there's much difference in the view from the road/bike route and the view from the Flamsbana. Some Googling might turn up comments on that topic.

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Having walked the lower 2/3 rds of that road (and trained it on several occasions as well), I can say that much of the way the road is far closer physically to the river than the railway. Although the road and the railway are close to each other in the valley, you get a different perspective of the valley and also see more of the various villages and settlements in the valley by using the road, appreciate the geology more.
I would highly recommend the bike ride.

But certainly ride downhill. I walked it uphill, and got warm and toasty even in winter weather. It was a good workout.

I walked it off a winter cruise berthed at Flam.

If you caught an evening train to Bergen, then I know you say you don't want to use the sleeper train back to Oslo, but I think the Norwegian sleeper trains are very nice and comfortable. In terms of price you can get some good deals if you book ahead.