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Hi, Two questions...

We're going to Norway in early September for about 10 days...currently planning on 4 full days in Oslo, 2 full in Bergen and 2 full in Ballestrand (via NIN trains and Sognefjord ferries, etc.). Wife's ancestors came from Oslo area so wanted to visit their church/area (Aker), etc. but even with that, wondering if 4 full days is just too much for Oslo.

Also recall Rick S mentioning (either in his guide or show) something about having dinner w/ a Norwegian (?) family but can't find anything now. Might be confused, but wondering if anyone is aware of this opportunity to interact w/ locals? thanks.

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Depending on your interests but I find 4 days much for Oslo.

With 10 days you could do a little round trip: Train to Bergen (stop at Flam), 2 days in Bergen. Take a Hutigruten ship to Trondheim, spend a days there and train back to Oslo.

Personally I do not know why Balestrand is artificially hyped.

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Besides, which was mentioned but a previous poster, you could also try Airbnb experiences. Lots of different kinds of things to do hosted by locals. It's a great way to get to know people who live there and understand the culture better.