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Oslo Card and Bergen Card - Worthwhile purchase?

We leave for our adventure in 3 weeks. We will be in Oslo for 3 days and Bergen for 2-1/2 days. We are traveling with my in laws. Is the Oslo card and/or Bergen card worthwhile?

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A one day Oslo Card is economically worthwhile IF you plan on maximizing the for fee museums, etc. that you visit in that one day. As noted, just add the individual fees plus a day transit pass and compare it against the Card. How fast do your in-laws want to move? For some tourist, checking off the maximum number of sights is a joy. Others may want to linger and "smell the flowers".

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I was in those cities in summer 2003. My 3 day Oslo Card cost about $50, but I got $75 worth of use from it. so for me it was a very good deal. However, I was seeing a lot of museums and taking a fair amount of transit. As said above, depending on your exact interests and itinerary, it may or may not be a good deal.

The Bergen Card, however, is usually not a good deal. Most of the sights in Bergen are right near the center, so unless you're staying on the outskirts you will not use transit, which right away takes away some of the value of a card. And for me, the joy of Bergen was more about the atmosphere (lovely) than the places with admissions. In fact, my biggest disappointment was what Rick called the highlight - the guided tour of Bryggen. I got much more "value" out of just walking around, taking the funicular, seeing the fish market, etc.

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My daughter and I were in Oslo for 2 days this summer. We purchased the 48-hour Oslo Pass and found it to be an excellent decision. We visited all the sites we wanted to see, without paying for admission. We also zipped around town using ferries, buses, and trains without having to worry about purchasing tickets. I would definitely recommend the Oslo Pass.

We spent a day in Bergen, but didn't visit any of the sites or use city transportation.