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Oslo card

Has anyone used the Oslo card? I see that they have them for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Does the time start when you first use it? Is it better to purchase it before I go? Is it good for all transportation as well as museums? Thanks for any help

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look at the list of museums/attractions the card or any card offers.

happy trails.

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If you want to maximize your Oslo Card value you will want to plan attractions and transportation options. Know your maps and timetables.

As a for example, if you are staying downtown near the Sentrum, you can take the Bus 30 to the Bygdøy attractions - Folk Museum, Viking Ship, then bus or walk to the Kon Toki and Fram. The Fram and the Nansen story is a personal favorite. There is also a seaman's museum near the Fram. The Fram stop puts you neasr the ferry back to Pier 3 near city hall, the Nobel Peace venue.

Now you just need to fit in the Hollmenkollen ski museum and ski jump tower that gives you a panoramic view of Oslo. The T1 ride to Hollmenkollen is a tour in itself.

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As with any card, you have to do the math to see if it will pay off for you. But the Oslo card, in general, is a good deal. In 2003, my 3 day card cost about $50, but I used $75 of value, so I was very glad I got it.

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Thank you for all the helpful advice and the bus routes to take. I'm definitely planning on going to the folk museum, the fram and kon tiki. And the ski museum looks very cool