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Oslo Airport Taxi

We are arriving fairly late at night so we are thinking of taking a taxi from the airport to our hotel. Does anyone know how expensive it is for a taxi from the airport?

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Gardenmoen OSL is a considerable distance from central Oslo. Taxi would be your most expensive option. NSB train, SAS Flybussen and Flytoget would be cheaper.

NSB has multiple but quick stops before terminating at the Oslo S but is cheaper than the express train.

SAS Flybussen may be more convenient than train in that it stops at several places downtown that may put you closer to your hotel then the train station. It also has a luggage storage below the floor.

Flytoget is a express trsin running at 20 minutes with only one quick stop before Oslo S.

Trains take about 20 minutes OSL to Oslo S, cab takes 40 minutes, coach takes 50 minutes departing every 20 minutes.
Trains depart at 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on time of day.

PS. Airport OSL is Oslo Lufthavn, Oslo train station is Oslo S (Sentrum).

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Taxis run to and from Oslo airport for 895-kr fixed rate until 17:00 and 1,095-kr rate after 17:00; confirm price before you commit.

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NSB train 90 nok one way.
Flybussen 150 nok one way, cheaper with return.
Express train 180 nok + 20 nok service if paid at counter one way.

All per person adult.

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How late are you arriving? The Flytoget rapid rail service runs virtually all day and night (a little bit of a let-off between midnigt and 4:00). This service is so convenient and fast that there would have to be a particularly special circumstance to justify using any other travel method.

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Thank you for your responses. It definately looks like a train is the best idea. We arrive 10:30 at night and I was not sure how late the trains run or how often that late at night.