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One Way Car Rentals in Norway - Fjord Area?

Can I rent a car from Voss and drop off in Bergen or vice versa? OR any other places? Looks like there is no one way car rental options is that right?

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Most take the train. Travel in Norway is very expensive on the ground.

We took the Norway in a Nutshell tour where we took a train to Flam, another train down into the fjords and then a fast ferry out to Bergen. It was a full day's journey, but very enjoyable.

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There are four agencies in Voss including Hertz. When I looked into a one-way rental two months ago between Bergen and Alesund, it was more than $1,000. We decided to fly. It looks like Hertz in Voss will rent their least expensive for one day dropping it off in Bergen for $411.

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Hertz has an office in Voss so it should be possible. Otherwise you can always take the train as mentioned.

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There's also the once-a-day (I think) express boat from Balestrand to Bergen. That doesn't sound like a good substitute for the Naeroyfjord ferry, but you're already planning to take that ferry, so using the express boat for transportation might be worth considering. I don't know how much it costs, but it's a pretty common solution for folks who opt to stay in Balestrand, since the rail line is on the opposite side of the Sognefjord.