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Nutshell package deal or book on my own

I can't seem to find any reason not to book the entire Nutshell tour via fjord tours rather than trying to book each leg on my own.

I'm going to stay in Flam for a night to split the trip up and I already have my hotel reservation.

Am I missing something?

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Hey Frank,

It certainly is possible to book everything on your own, but Fjord Tours has an extra added convenience and ease; they know what they are doing and it makes it easier for you to collect all your tickets at once and have their schedule. When booking from Fjord Tours it is possible to spend the night in Flåm as well.

Of course, at the end of the day it's up to you and what you feel most comfortable doing :)

  • Emma
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My question is related. I want the flexibility of staying a night longer, or at least staying in one place a few hours longer and then getting the next ferry or train. Some posts report doing this with no problem, at least for ferries and trains. They say tickets are not timed. However, when I asked Fijord Tours they say that one must stick to the schedule you buy. Is this what they wish one would do, so this is said? I would hate to be held to running with the herd to the ferry when that is not necessary.

"DON’T follow the set schedule.

Well, you can if you want to, but we learned the schedule can actually be a lot more flexible than it says on your ticket. I’m sure the tour people want you to stick to your timetables, but we found it really doesn’t matter what time you catch each of the different transportation legs. Which means if you want to spend more time in one location, as long as you know there is another bus/ferry/train coming later in the day you can skip your assigned time and just catch the next one."