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Nutshell- oslo to Balestrand And three days later onto Bergen

I read the posts about Norway in a nutshell. There is so much information and it is somewhat confusing.
I am traveling on Sunday, May 19, from Oslo to Balstrand, hoping to use the transportation that affords the beautiful views. Then I will spend three nights in Balestrand , Leaving on May 22 to go to Bergen.

I have not made my transportation reservations for that part of my trip yet. I hope someone can be helpful in Identifying the different modes of transportation and the times of travel in order to make the connections. Then I have to decide whether I should go ahead and make those travel reservations now or wait till I get into Oslo on May 14 where I thought I would get help at the visitors center

I am eager to hear any and all suggestions.

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Here's one possible itinerary (I did it in reverse last year) for May 19:
8:25 AM: Depart Oslo S via NSB train; arrive Myrdal 12:58.
1:27 PM: Depart Myrdal via local train (the famous Flåm Railway train; you won't miss it with but the single track); arrive Flåm 2:25. (More about Flåm here:
3:30 PM: Depart Flåm via Norled express boat ("hurtigbåt")(a mail boat that doubles as a ferry); arrive Balestrand 4:55.

The train tickets can be purchased on the NSB website: The ferry tickets: (You'll want the Bergen-Sogn-Flåm-Bergen timetable/route.) From/to when purchasing: Flåm "kai" ("quay" or "pier") to Balestrand kai.

Side note: Life in tiny Balestrand is sloooow and quiet. That was perfect for me and my 24-hour stay last May. Had a beautiful view of the Sognefjord from my big room balcony in the old part of the historic Kviknes Hotel. Nothing like admiring that view with a glass of wine in hand. All that said... you sure you want to spend two days+ there? Do you have day trips planned from there?

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Will be traveling at the same time. Instead of Norway in a Nutshell, booked Sognefjord n a Nutshell from Bergen to Oslo with two nights in Balestrand. Ferry goes to Balestrand from Bergen, then ferry and train to Flam and on to Oslo.

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I agree with Southern Lights... 3 nights is one too many. I would suggest staying the night in Flam, which is a equally beautiful. The Fretheim Hotel there makes for a very enjoyable stay.

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I am doing the exact same as you stopping over in Balestrand before going on to Bergen. A major decision was whether to continue on NiN or get a ferry from Balestrand to Bergen. After consulting with my hoist in Bal. I decided to get a Norled ferry from Bal. to Bergen. My Bal. host felt that I would have seen the best of the NiN already; that it would be more complex to resume NiN, and that it is a lovely ferry ride from Bal. to Bergen.

There is a ferry from Bal. to Bergen at 7.50 AM and 4.55 PM Mon-Sat and the ferry ride is about four hours.

I have some doubt about taking the 8.25 AM NiN train from Oslo as if it were late there is a chance to could miss the last ferry from Flam to Bal which is at 3.30 PM (You have, of course, to get the train from Myrdal to Flam) Much as I hate to get up early I think we will take the 6.25 AM train from Oslo to be on the safe side.