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Nutshell on your own

I'm trying to--fingers crossed--still get on the Norway in a Nutshell on my own using Eurail passes for me and my son. Having the following difficulties:

  1. The nsb site doesn't work well--how do I reserve a seat for Oslo-Myrdal or Flam when I already have Eurail passes? Must I call them directly?

  2. Reservations for the Flamsbana, boat trip Flam to Gudvangen, and bus from Gudvangen to Voss are not stated as being necessary. Ever any problems or issues with this?

  3. Are last minute approaches (like mine) easier when the fjord tour is done from the Bergen side? (ie, Bus Voss to Gudvangen, boat Gudvangen to Flam, etc).


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Thanks for the responses. My concern with No. 2 is the chance of reserving for and taking the 2 train trips but finding there's no room on boat trip or Flamsbana (guidebooks say no reservations necessary). I was hoping to go on July 25, and one cruise ship will be in Flam that day. "Easier" means more likely to find space--I realize that this is the high tourist season. I already have Eurail passes so didn't want to pay extra fees using Fjord Tours.

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ad 2) Do not forget that travel guides are older and do not have the latest status. Flam has cruise ships, train and car travelers. The Azura is big enough to be 2 cruise ships. So, I would do reservation.

ad 3) Do not forget that Bergen has an own intl. airport, is also a cruise port and is start and ending port of Hurtigruten. So even travel time is shorter than from Oslo there might be more passengers traveling parallel.

Think it would help others if you post your experience after your journey.

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I recently did Norway in a nutshell. A word of caution. I thought about taking an earlier train and they were completely booked. What NIAN does is reserve a seat for you on the whole trip. Be careful thinking you can do it on your own without reservations in this busy season. Also, Eurail pass will cover the trains, not sure it will do you any good on the bus or boat or Flam railway. It is worth the money.