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Nutshell from Bergen Only

Hi everyone. My daughter and I are taking our first trip to Norway at the end of May. We are there for only 3 days with first day being arrival day from the US. We want to do nutshell tour from Bergen only, no Oslo as we are doing a lot of train travel in other countries and do not want to go to Oslo. That said, how do I book Bergen only nutshell tickets and where? Also, can anyone advise on what to do with the other day we have in Bergen? Is it possible to see northern lights with a side trip to arctic circle or is it too far from Bergen or can they not be seen at the end of May? We are not big on seeing churches or too many museums. We would really appreciate some help. Thank you!

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Thank you. Will book the Bergen-Voss tour on the site you sent me. Also, very interesting article on the northern lights. Looks like maybe a different time of year would be a better choice for them.

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I just did this a month ago!

I didn't book the ticket until I was there, because I was worried about the winter weather and didn't want to bother going if it was going to be awful weather. It was super easy to buy my ticket the day of the tour in the train station in Bergen.

Bergen is a great city to wander around in, lots of little shops to pop into. The fish market should be open (there isn't just fish sold there!), wander through the Bryggen, maybe visit one of the interesting museums. There is an awesome little cafe/used bookstore down a side street, I wrote the name down in my journal and if you are interested I can dig it out. I spent a couple hours there perusing the English books and having fun conversations with people in there.