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Notes from Monday Night Travel Scandinavia

We watched a recording of the Scandinavia Monday Night Travel and Rick mentioned that there was some new info about Oslo that he'd be putting in the chat. We're in the fjopyrd area now but are heading to Oslo. Is there any way we can get that info on Oslo that he shared with his viewers?

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I couldn’t log on until late in the program, when he’d gotten to Sweden. I hadn’t heard about the new info in the Chat, but did hear him say that the updated Scandinavia guidebook was coming out in 2024, and that his current book was the best info available in the meantime. I realize this doesn’t help you right now.

We’re heading to Norway in a month. Hope you’re having a great time, and that rain and flooding doesn’t affect that.

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Sneak a peek at Rick's newest (and as-yet unedited) delectable restaurant recommendations for Oslo and Copenhagen before they hit the guidebooks:

Sorry, I don't know how to turn this into a link. (And please, nobody bother to explain it to me!)

It's LOTS of dining information plus info on the city bike program and a bike tour of the harbor promenade.

EDITED to add: Wow! The website turned it into a link automatically!

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We had a great dinner at Kaffistova in Oslo. Rick describes it as "this alcohol-free cafeteria...", but there was a full page of alcohol drinks on the menu!!!


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Copenhagen - We had two great meals at Frk. Barners Kaelder near Central Train Station and Tivoli. Not on Rick's list. Specialties include multiple preparations of herring, aquavit which they will help you "pair" with your food choices, stegt flæsk. Menu is traditional Danish fare.

I would not consider Christianshavn. What Rick might consider "cool" has become increasingly dangerous due to cannabis trade. Wall Street Journal and others have reported on recent problems within the month. Problems may be limited to certain areas, but I wouldn't wander in without knowing the boundaries.

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too late to edit - my concern with Christianshavn is the Freetown Christiania area.