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Norwegian fjords via Celebrity cruise

I know I know but it works for our group (and we only cruise with this group every 3-4 years) .... I try to find "active" private tours , like hiking, biking, kayaking. I'm hoping to get some advice for the following ports Olden, Geiranger and Stavanger. We like to be active and most of our group does not and the cruise lines typically don't offer very active adventures. All advice is welcome. Last time we cruised with this group I just used RS books but he's not exactly an active traveler either :(.

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You will probably get much better and more informative advice if you post your question on The site is a bit difficult to use, but it's pretty much devoted to supplying the type information you are seeking.

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I find it helpful to look at a tour aggregator for these kinds of things. Not that you have to book thorough them, but it gives you an idea of what's available so that you have a better idea of what to search for, if that makes sense. Here are 115 shore excursions, and you can filter them by rating, length of time, private or group, free cancellation, etc.

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Thanks for your replies. I looked at getyourguide but none of the towns showed with any results. I get on Cruise Critic. I don't think Viator will have what I'm looking for as they are more group things.

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Thanks Kelly’d Rather Be Traveling - I'll check it out!

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We did our Norway Arctic Circle cruise last June on Royal Caribbean. It was wonderful.

We visited Geiranger and Stavanger, not Olden.

Geiranger had the most amazing fjord. We took a private tour from Norway Excursions that went to a mountain overlooking the fjord. It was great.
In Stavanger, we did a fjord cruise on a local boat. It docked very close to where our ship docked. It was excellent.

Norway is very mountainous and any biking is going to involve low gear for quite a lot of your ride.

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I have visited Geiranger. Very small town where walking trails start less than a 5 minute walk from the dock. One enjoyable walk parallels waterfalls [several hundred steps] on the way to an educational centre about Fjords. Walks through interesting cemetery. Any walk soon involves steep sections. The tourist office has free wifi. There is a small store for food items.

I am puzzled. I spent ten minutes and found the following websites which provide large amounts of info about the matters you asked. Far more info than any poster could include in a reply.
Spend time perusing them, and other, sites; then ask precise questions.
IRT other locations, there are similar, comprehensive websites. These days a few minutes on the internet harvests wonderful information.

This page has a useful map of the town and area with some information about boat, bus, trips.

This page has more detailed info with many active links. I have quoted the paragraph which mentions kayaking, rafting, cycling, hiking.
"For nature lovers, the Geirangerfjord has plenty to offer. Experience the fjords and the waterfalls from one of the many available sightseeing trips, go hiking in stunning surroundings or experience the fjords from a new perspective in a kayak. Other popular activities in the area include fishing, rafting and cycling."

This page is a general one about hiking trails with many active links.

One of those active links is this page which has a pdf file of walking trails in Geiranger. Over 15 trails. Mapped and detailed. One goes up over a mile in altitude at a steep angle; that might be challenging enough for you.

Have a wonderful time harvesting the internet and then a wonderful time in Norway.