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Norway without car


It's my first time in Norway and also the first time I'm traveling alone and without a car. I plan to stay for about ten days, at the end of May. Here's my itinerary. I'm interested in nature, swimming in lakes, hiking, and unique experiences:

  1. Bergen

  2. Bergen to Gudvangen

  3. Gudvangen to Flåm

  4. Flåm to Myrdal
    -Flåmsbana railway

  5. Myrdal to Flåm (return by bike)

  6. Flåm to Loen

  7. Loen to Jostedalsbreen National Park

  8. Loen to Norangsdalen

  9. Norangsdalen to Bergen

I also want to go further north, but I'm not sure if it's relevant at this time. I've seen that many hikes are not recommended at this time. I also want to see glaciers and maybe do a hike on one, hence the visit to Jostedalsbreen National Park. I would also like to do beautiful hikes even in late May, and maybe see waterfalls...

What do you think?

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1-4 OK, once you are in Flåm do not miss Stegastein and a fjord cruise to Gudvangen through World Heritage Nærøyfjord.

5: Myrdal altitude is nearly 900 moh. Still snow? Train back instead of downhill biking.

Loen and back is too faraway, too long travel time. You have closer clacier options, e. g. Folgefonna or Bøyabreen.

You will find a lot of beautiful waterfalls around Hardangerfjord close to Bergen, e. g. walk-behind waterfall Steinsdalsfossen near Norheimsund - on the way to Folgefonna. Or beautiful Skjervsfossen not far from Voss. Both named waterfalls have best light before high noon.

So, more:
Norheimsund and Steinsdalsfossen (bus)
Folgefonna (bus)
Voss and Skjervsfossen (bus)
Bus 950 to Gudvangen
ferry fjord to Flam
Train to Myrdal
back to Bergen

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Hello Mark, thanks for your answer,

i wanted to visit Loen beacause of the beautiful lakes in the region ( lake Lovatnet),

Is it this hard to go to Loen ?

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How do you want to travel to Loen? I guess by buses?
In this case your travel time is very high compared to experience time. Therefore I tried to show things that are closer wit similar experience.

I can tell you that I found it real work to drive myself this area and it lasts long.

And yes beautiful, e. g. Norangsdalen. But it is one of many beauties. If it is on your bucket list, go for it but you can find other places closer which will provide similar impressions.

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Ok thank you!

And for the camping, can i camp easily? If im in gudvangen for example can i just put my tent by a lake and sleep?


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Ok Thanks

Also, i saw that it’s quite raining this next week, will this, will it spoil my trip or not ?

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Consider for forecasts only and

Forecasts for Norway are relialble max 2-3 days in advance, not more - at coastline 1-2 days.

Saying in the North: there is no bad weather, just bad clothing.