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Norway Trip

What are your suggestions for planning a vacation to Norway? I would love to see the following and I am not sure where to start yet. I normally figure it out but appreciate any advice or input to help. I would love to see the Northern Lights!!! We plan on a 2 week vacation. Thank you

The Lofoten Island
The Geirangerfjord
The Alesund and Sunnmore

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I guess you mean Tromsø; Troms is a huge state in Norway :-)

Basically you have two areas for your journey:
A1) Norhern Fjord Norway: Ålesund , Geirangerfjord
A2) Southern Fjord Norway: Bergen, Sognefjord (incl. Flam)
B) Arctic Circle for Northern Lights: Lofoten and Tromsø.

Northern Lights (NL) means travel dates September to March above Arctic Circle. For length of daylight and weather conditions Sept and Oct. are good. You will need a clear sky and the appearance of NL - at least question of luck. Both cannot be forecasted, so you need to stay for 4-5 nights and hope for your luck. Every night more is one more chance. Travel dates around new moon would help you to see even weaker NL. A rental car will help to get to nice places but also to drive 100 km or so if the weather there might be better. For Lofoten either fly to small airports EVE or LKN and rent a car there. Tromsø has its own airport TOS.

Because of looong distances between A) and B) you need to fly or take a Hurtigruten ship (port-to-port) which takes 2-3 days but is a real nice experience.

Questions before further ideas:

  • Are you open for renting a car? Or do you want to stay on public transport which reduces options?
  • How much is budget limited?
  • Does anyone have sea sickness?
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My husband would love to take a cruise. I have gotten seasick in the past but I seem to have gotten better at some motion sickness lately. We are pretty open to most things. I have heard and been told about cruises and I have a friend in Sweden that I am sure would love us to stop in for a visit. She was an exchange student in highschool and we were very close, we have kept in touch through the years. I do not have an unlimited budget and I do like to find deals but I am also aware that things are expensive and cost money. We just got back from France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in October. I really appreciate the help, I have never really thought about going here until my husband told me he wanted to. He has been to Finland and Latvia, Estonia etc but I have not, I would love to see as much as I can. Thank you so much again for the reply!!