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Norway Trip 14th-26th October


I will be solo travelling in Norway during 14th-26th October. Below is my tentative itinerary and appreciate to get some advice from you guys.

14th Oct : Arrive Oslo from Iceland

15th Oct : Oslo city

16th Oct : Stavanger – Hike Preikestolen

17th Oct : Hike Kjerag

18th Oct : Stavanger to Bergen

19th Oct : Bergen

20th Oct : Bergen

21st Oct : Bergen – Voss – Gudvangen – Flam, stay Flam

22nd Oct : Flam – Myrdal – Oslo – Oslo Aiport – Bodo – Moskenes

23rd Oct : Lofoten

24th Oct : Lofoten

25th Oct : Lofoten

26th Oct : From Bodo fly to Copenhagen

I have some questions that need advice.

  1. Possible to hike Kjerag in mid October?
  2. How many days do I need to travel in Bergen?
  3. For Norway in Nutshell, I will not purchase the package from tour. Instead, I will purchase the ticket separately which is cheaper. For 22nd Oct, my schedule seems pretty tight and I worry I unable to catch the transport in between.

0835-0928 Train from Flam to Myrdal

0950-1445 Train from Myrdal to Oslo S

1454-1517 Train from Oslo S to Oslo airport

1745-1915 Flight from Oslo to Bodo

Any comment?

4.How many days do I need to travel in Lofoten?
I am planning to rent a car to travel around. Probably sleep in the car in order to save the accommodation cost since I am a solo traveller.
Should I rent a car from Bodo airport or Moskenes? Any recommendation?

Thank you.

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You can fly Icelandair to Bergen to prevent backtracking, just adding that note (also I think Stavanger and Trondheim). You can also fly from Bergen to Bodo connecting somewhere, Oslo or Trondheim. I'd think this through a bit more, it's a huge country, to prevent crossing it twice, and going through Oslo 3 times.

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I'm not your mother, but IMO, for your personal safety & comfort you should closely look at the expected weather & temps for Norway in late October before you plan on sleeping in a car, hiking more than short distances, and driving on any roads above sea level. Have appropriate clothing and remember that daylight hours are getting short. For rental cars, don't be surprised if there is a hefty fee for pickup in one location and drop-off in another. Having a car in Bergen can be a hassle.