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Norway & Sweden - 8 weeks $20000 US

Hello! We are two single males wanting to spend two months in Norway and Sweden starting June 2017. The idea is to have a real time life experience of a country rather than seeing it on the surface, I don't know if two months are enough though.

The focus is ofcourse scenic beauty and drives through the mountains with some farm time/camping. A bit of nightlife in different cities and spiritual places to visit and meditate if any.

Not seeking a luxury accommodation but basic amenities are important. An apartment with a community gym and pool would be a cherry on the cake. Pls suggest. Have looked at a few at airbnb but everything seems quite steep.

Please suggest an itenary and the cities to travel. So far all I have is Oslo, Bergen, lilliehammer and Stockholm

European travel partners are welcomed.

Thanks Karry

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Have u looked at hostels with private rooms? Many are nice with laundry and eating facilities without the college student noise.

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Hey JS ! No havent looked at hostels but apartments on local Norwegian websites look good and reasonably priced, will
write to the owners and see if they agree to give it on bimonthly basis.

Would appreciate any suggestions on itenary or places, castles, pubs/nightclubs to visit and fun things to do.

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Does your title really mean twenty-thousand US dollars? Or did you mean to type two-thousand?
If you really do have twenty-thousand you'll be fine! That comes out to about $350 per worries there!
With 8 weeks you have SO much time to see SO much!
In Norway definitely spend 3 of 4 days in Oslo. Take the train to Bergen. Rent a car from there and drive north. The Alesund area is amazing. Runde Island is windswept and teeming with hundreds of thousands of birds. The Geirangerfjord and Trollstigen road are one of the most beautiful areas of the world I've been to. South of Bergen you can also see the lovely town of Stavanger.
Seeing the Borgund Stave Church takes some effort but it's worth it...
We enjoyed driving the Atlantic Ocean Road and seeing the stave church at Kvernes. It's much smaller than the stave church at Borgund but it's equally interesing...different enough that it's worth the trip. Lots of pre-historic things to see in the area as well.